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Manjuara, 9 months old,
a young girl cured of malnutrition

Manjuara, 9 months old, suffered from severe acute malnutrition. After being admitted to hospital, she benefited from Tdh's project targeting malnutrition in India's West Bengal region.

Hungry for life

At nine months old, babies weigh on average 8 to 9 kilograms. At this age, Manjuara only weighed 5.8 kilograms and was at risk of dying. During examinations to monitor the growth of young children, she was identified by a health officer and diagnosed with severe acute malnutrition before receiving emergency medical treatment. Tdh runs this growth-monitoring programme with government health officials. All the children in the village are weighed, and their height and arm circumference measured. This information is then recorded in personal health records.

Manjuara was immediately admitted to Tdh's nutritional centre in Patharpratima. Three weeks later, Manjuara was better and had put on weight. Her mother said, "I'm happy my child is smiling again." When they returned to the village, the entire family took turns embracing her.

In the Sundarbans region, Manjuara's case is not an isolated one. Over one third of children are below the average weight. One in five children under five suffer from acute malnutrition.

Not her real name