Emergency in the Sahel
Support the urgent needs of children in the Sahel affected by the food crisis  

Margarita, 14 years old,
participant in YouCreate project

"A lot has changed in my life since the project. I have become more confident, more open to others."

The young people are seen as the promising future of the world. Sometimes, our views of solving a problem can be more creative, brighter and simpler. Young people not only have fun, but we can also think, empathise, delve into problems and make serious decisions. For our future to be bright, stable and happy, the opinion of each member of society must be taken into account regardless of age and gender.

For me, participation means taking part in school, village and community life, being interested in current issues, problems of society, meeting up with my peers and identifying areas where we can help. In the activities Tdh organised, we learned to work in a group, compromise, listen to everyone and respect the opinions of others. When we were involved in the YouCreate project, we were independent in making decisions. The adults did not act as leaders but as advisors. Within our initiative, we painted a mural on a school wall using bright colours. It contains messages and recommendations on how to prevent bullying (page 11).

A lot has changed in my life since the project. I have become more confident, more open to others. I view the outside world and people in a different way. The project probably helped me to grow up. I am grateful to the organisers and teachers for their support. Now I know that I'll be heard, if I want to be.

The coronavirus pandemic is a very difficult time for all of us and I would like to wish everyone good health and patience. You believed in us, and we’re grateful for that!