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Terre des hommes in Bangladesh

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Terre des hommes projects in Bangladesh are based on a holistic approach, which is very specific to the Swiss organisation. The holistic approach considers the whole cycle of life: from antenatal care and better supervision of the mother and the baby to a better access to health care for mothers and children. Bangladesh faces a great problem of malnutrition amongst its population. In the target areas where Terre des hommes is present, one on three children suffers from malnutrition. Terre des hommes works on preventing this situation with its social work on the field. It also has a Specialized Nutrition Unit in Kurigram where children identified as severely malnourished are referred and treated by a professional and very specialized medical team. The health depends also on the quality of the drinkable water: in a country where surface water is heavily contaminated and deep water polluted by arsenic, it needs a professional approach to give access to drinkable water to the communities, whatever the conditions are: urban slums, easily flooded villages,... Bangladesh is known for the disasters it has to face: heavy monsoon rains, storms, cyclone and now the impact of the global climate change. Those heavily affect the food security and the health of the population. Terre des hommes works on developing projects that can minimize the effects of these disasters on the population.


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Date 02.11.2015
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Terre des Hommes

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