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24.11.2021 - News

A festival of children's rights!

Debates, songs and poetry were on the agenda of 20 November. To mark World Children's Day, participants in the #CovidUnder19 initiative organised a virtual children's rights festival under the motto "Reimagining a better world for every child". Children and adults spoke out on the question: How can we empower children to claim their rights and participate in political decision-making?

Among the presentations were some very creative ideas, such as that of Januka and Amrit, two young Nepalese activists aged 18 and 19. Their animation won the national video competition on children's rights. "Our video makes children aware of their rights in a friendly way," says Amrit.

To conclude the day, the children and youth expressed their demands:

« We are #CovidUnder19, a collective of children, young people, civil society organisations and academics. We believe that children’s rights are the foundation for building forward, building stronger and building together for a better, brighter and greener future after the pandemic.

We continue to witness how children’s rights have been negatively impacted by the pandemic, particularly for children from marginalised groups. Children continue to be sidelined by those in power, and children’s rights are not put at the top of government’s agendas in pandemic recovery and response.


We demand that all adult duty bearers take action to respect and fulfil their obligations with respect to all children’s rights, and particularly the rights most compromised by the pandemic. This includes children’s right to:

- Be heard and have their views given due weight (Article 12 CRC)
- Have sufficient resources allocated for the fulfillment of children’s rights (Article 4) - Be protected from violence (Article 19)
- Access the highest standard of health, including mental health, and taking into consideration the dangers and risks of environmental pollution (Article 24)
- Be treated equally and without discrimination (Article 2)

We believe that recovery and renewal from Covid-19 requires investing in children and seeing them as key partners in shaping the post-pandemic world. […] »

Watch the children and young people's interventions on the #CovidUnder19 YouTube channel.

Photo credits : ©Tdh/Grace Medina 

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