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04.06.2021 - News

We are winners of the World Justice Challenge!

We are proud to announce that our project “Accelerate Release of Children; Protect Children from COVID-19” has won the Popular Vote prize of the World Justice Challenge, an international competition for projects in the field of justice and law.

The condition of children in prison worldwide has been worsened with the COVID-19 pandemic. Evacuating children from detention centres has become a health and social emergency due to overcrowding and the temporary suspension of visits and recreational activities. Thanks to our advocacy work with government ministries, 1240 children in more than ten countries have benefited either from alternatives to prison or from early release in 2020. Our social workers have then helped these children reintegrate. The project has also boosted concrete child justice sector reform measures and supported the empowerment of child justice actors, including children.


About the project 

“Our project is one of the few submitted to the World Justice Challenge that touches on fundamental rights for children. Winning this award is extremely meaningful to us and our work as child rights advocates”, said Tdh General Director Barbara Hintermann after receiving the award.

Thank you to all who supported and voted for us, and for a justice with and for children.

Meet the other winners here.

Thank you to our partners: BakerMckenziePRIAIMJFIBCRGlobal Initiative on Justice with Children


Photo credits:  ©Tdh/ Ollivier Girard