Ensuring children are effectively protected against trafficking, exploitation and violence is the aim of Terre des hommes’ work in Albania, in close partnership with government institutions, civil society organisations as well as families and communities.

The situation in Albania

Too many children in Albania are still exposed to high risks of exploitation, trafficking and abuse. Begging, collecting recyclable waste, industrial work as well as early marriage and sexual exploitation are a reality for thousands of them. A child protection system is in place but still suffers from a lack of resources and coordination.

What we do

Improving child protection

Children victims of violence and exploitation as well as children working or living in the street benefit from qualified, professional assistance. We support the child protection services at the local and national level to identify children in need of assistance and provide effective help. We also mobilise community members, teachers, parents and the children themselves to play an active role in preventing abuse and exploitation by identifying and referring cases of vulnerable children. In 2014, more than 1,100 children received individual support.

Migrant children

Families and children who migrate sometimes run great risks, whether along the way, at their destination or upon returning or being sent back to Albania. They are willing to take these risks only because of severe economic hardship or violations of their rights at home. Terre des hommes helps parents set up an income-generating activity, encourages children to attend school and makes it possible for them to take part in after-school activities. In addition, we work closely with national anti-trafficking coordinators in Albania and Kosovo to strengthen cross-border cooperation, and improve both the regulatory framework and the services for children on the move.

Exploitation and trafficking

To support victims of abuse and identify those at risk, we build bridges between child protection units, schools, healthcare staff, local and community-based organisations and the authorities. Our teams’ efforts include advocacy at the policy level, strengthening the communities most at risk, offering community-based services and training the various practitioners involved in child protection.

Mother and child health

To ensure that the entire population, particularly underprivileged and marginalised groups, can access quality medical services, Terre des hommes is supporting ongoing reforms in Albania’s health system. In collaboration with other organisations, we are implementing the Health for All project, providing training of primary healthcare professionals, health promotion programmes for communities and rehabilitating equipment and infrastructure.

For several years, fourteen-year-old Koushtrim begged in Fier, Albania, to survive. After being identified by Tdh, he was given the basic items and support he needed to go back to school. Today, Koushtrim is a young man.

Kushtrim, a former Tdh beneficiary and member of the local community support group in Fier, Albania


Terre des hommes in Albania

Beneficiaries in 2014

3,400 people

Expatriate staff / National staff

1 / 14

Budget 2016

CHF 2,621,610.-

Where we work

Regions of Tirana, Elbasen, Durres, Fier, Korça

Local partners 

Ministry of Social Welfare and Youth, Ministry of Interior, State Agency for the Protection of Children’s Rights, State Social Services, Office of the Anti-trafficking Coordinator, Municipalities, ARSIS (Association for the social support of youth), Romani Baxt, FBSh (Children of the World and of Albania-Human Rights), Shkej (Shokata Kombetare Edukim per Jeten), TLAS (Tirana legal aid society)..


Where we work

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Terre des hommes starts work in Albania, with a project to prevent the abandonment of children and tuition classes to reduce the school dropout rate among children from underprivileged families. Both projects have since been fully taken over by our local partner, NPF.
During the Kosovo war, Tdh provides emergency assistance to refugees in Korça, including food aid, hygiene kits as well as psychological and social support.
Launch of large scale project to combat child trafficking between Albania and Greece, which earned Tdh the Human Rights Prize of the French Republic in 2002.

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