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In Burkina Faso, the malnutrition and mortality rate among children and newborns is very high. We advocate for universal access to healthcare and an improved quality of care by using technologies to diminish child mortality. Additionally, we help children who are migrating or in conflict with the law by reinforcing services to protect them. The security crisis that struck Burkina Faso in 2018 has blocked access to basic services in the North. We back health and social protection systems to support affected families.

What we do

Mother and child health

Tdh backs the primary and community health system by reinforcing quality care and nutritional safety of vulnerable populations. With innovative solutions, we improve the skills of healthcare staff and support the health authorities in making decisions. Tdh has developed a strong expertise in digital health, notably through the IeDA project which is being transferred to the Ministry of Health. It allows to improve the quality of diagnosis in more than 60% of primary health centres in the country. We also improve the quality of care of newborns and pregnant women thanks to a maternity app.

Children and young people in migration

Tdh provides prevention and protection activities for children affected by migration in their places of departure and arrival, by offering them education, water and sanitation. We protect children against violence, abuse and exploitation. Professionals receive training to strengthen their capacities and to set up local protection networks. We identify child victims of violence and offer them support in collaboration with local authorities and communities. At four gold mining sites in Ganzourgou province, we have put in place an early warning system against violation of the rights of the children who work there, in order to alert the relevant services to facilitate their care.

Access to justice

We enable a lasting social reintegration of children in conflict with the law which prevents reoffending. We guarantee access to psychosocial support, literacy classes, education and vocational training to ensure the reinsertion of young prisoners or children benefitting from alternative measures. We strengthen the capacities of the actors involved and engage the children’s communities and families.

Humanitarian aid

The security crisis in the north of Burkina Faso has caused the closure or minimum functioning of more than 15 health centres and the internal displacement of more than 800,000 of its people. Tdh has been present in the regions of Nord and Boucle du Mouhoun to support the healthcare and social protection systems as they manage this crisis. In collaboration with the World Food Programme, we distribute food and food supplements to displaced families and children.

"We have drastically reduced the number of incorrect diagnoses thanks to IeDA and the children benefit from better treatment."

Dr. Robert Kargougou, Secretary General for the Ministry of Health of Burkina Faso


IeDA : a life-saving innovation

Terre des hommes in Burkina Faso

Beneficiaries in 2019


1,411,860 people

Expatriate / national staff


8 / 220

Budget 2020


13,522,161 CHF


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Terre des hommes starts to work in Burkina Faso after the famine. Our first initiative focuses on improving nutrition and health among mothers and children.
Tdh launches a project to promote the schooling of girls from poor families.
Tdh continues to fight malnutrition by creating paediatric units in two hospitals.
Launch of efforts to prevent child exploitation and trafficking.
Start of a free medical care programme in two districts for children under five and pregnant women.
Development of a project to improve food safety and living conditions of the poorest households in the Sourou province.
Development of innovative software for electronic tablets that helps diagnose childhood illnesses.
In spring, a new law guarantees free access to basic healthcare for all children under five and pregnant women.
Tdh received the Officer of the Burkinabe Order of Merit.
The security crisis that started slowly since 2015 causes the first internal displacements. Tdh adapts its interventions to support the health and protection system to manage the security crisis.

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