Burkina Faso

Terre des hommes works to improve the health and nutrition of children and mothers in Burkina Faso, and is currently introducing innovative technologies. We also endeavour to support and protect youths from violence when they come face to face with law.

The situation in Burkina Faso

In Burkina Faso, one of the poorest countries in the world, child exploitation is a major problem. In addition, the lack of a fully functioning education system means that many others turn to crime. The healthcare system also requires support, and many mothers and their newborn babies are vulnerable to disease and malnutrition.

What we do

Mother and child health

In health centres, consultations are free for children under five. A new kind of software for electronic tablets helps nurses diagnose patients and prescribe the necessary treatment. Tdh’s health specialists provide assistance to women during childbirth and carry out medical visits at patients’ homes. We also provide parents with information on malnutrition, which improves the growth and development of newborn babies. In 2014, 92% of children suffering from malnutrition were treated in the districts where we work.

Child protection

Tdh works with local and international organisations to protect children against violence. Professionals receive special training in order to strengthen their protection. Our local team works with other organisations on the ground to identify children in need of support. In 2014, 240 girls and boys were cared for on an individual basis. At the same time, we also help poor families to produce food and provide them with financial aid to help improve their living conditions.

Juvenile justice

Tdh is working with the local authorities to prevent the imprisonment of youths. We defend their fundamental rights and promote alternative measures. Instead of being detained, youths attend training courses or resume their schooling. In the meantime, our local team provides food, care, clothing and hygiene products to youths already in prison. Throughout 2014, 301 people working in the justice field, prison guards, social workers and foster families received training in restorative justice. This approach focuses on reintegrating young offenders into society rather than putting them behind bars.

"Like most children from his village, Didi looked for gold for several years. Not only did this make him extremely tired, he was exposed to dust, toxic products and accidents, which are major risks for children of his age."

Didi, entrepreneur and former mine worker


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Terre des hommes in Burkina Faso

Beneficiaries in 2014

635,011 people

Expatriate staff / National staff

5 / 95

Budget 2016

CHF 4,595,389.-

Where we work

Bobo Dioulasso, Dédougou, Dori, Ouagadougou, Ouahigouya, Solenzo, Séguénéga, Titao, Toma, Tougan, Yako

Local partners 

Ministries of Social Action, Health and Justice

Other partners 

Handicap International, ACF France, Help

Where we work

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Terre des hommes starts to work in Burkina Faso after the famine. Our first initiative focuses on improving nutrition and health among mothers and children.
Tdh launches a project to promote the schooling of girls from poor families.
Tdh continues to fight malnutrition by creating paediatric units in two hospitals.
Launch of efforts to prevent child exploitation and trafficking.
Start of a free medical care programme in two districts for children under five and pregnant women.
Development of a project to improve food safety and the living conditions of the poorest households in the Sourou province.
Development of innovative software for electronic tablets that helps diagnose childhood illnesses.

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