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In Burkina Faso, the rate of malnutrition among children and newborns is very high. Following the implementation of a law which guarantees free basic health services for children under five and pregnant women, rural health centres have seen their visitation rates increase. We advocate for universal access to healthcare and to improve quality of care by using innovative technologies, with the goal of diminishing child mortality. Additionally, we help children who are exploited or in conflict with the law.

What we do

Mother and child health

After eight years of advocacy, a law that guarantees free healthcare for children under five and pregnant women was passed in 2016. In health centres, Tdh uses IeDA, an innovative app for digital tablets that helps nurses diagnose children and prescribe the right treatment. IeDA has improved the quality of care by 50%. Tdh’s specialists train medical personnel and offer technical support to health centres. To fight against malnutrition, we inform communities about good food practices for newborn babies.

Child protection

Tdh protects children against violence, abuse and exploitation, especially migrant children. Professionals receive special training to strengthen their capacities and to set up  local protection networks. We identify child victims of violence and offer them support in collaboration with local authorities and communities.

Juvenile justice

Tdh advocates for the rights of children in conflict with the law to be respected. Our experts promote alternative measures to prison and encourage these young people to attend professional training courses or to resume their schooling. We also strengthen the competences of judicial actors on restorative juvenile justice. Restorative juvenile justice is now part of the national pact’s priorities for thanks to a long and successful advocacy campaign led by our local team of specialists.

"We have drastically reduced the number of incorrect diagnoses thanks to IeDA and the children benefit from better treatment."

Dr. Robert Kargougou, Secretary General for the Ministry of Health of Burkina Faso


Children's health in Burkina Faso

Terre des hommes in Burkina Faso

Beneficiaries in 2016


591,365 people

Expatriate / national staff


7 / 112

Budget 2017


8,359,501 CHF


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Terre des hommes starts to work in Burkina Faso after the famine. Our first initiative focuses on improving nutrition and health among mothers and children.
Tdh launches a project to promote the schooling of girls from poor families.
Tdh continues to fight malnutrition by creating paediatric units in two hospitals.
Launch of efforts to prevent child exploitation and trafficking.
Start of a free medical care programme in two districts for children under five and pregnant women.
Development of a project to improve food safety and the living conditions of the poorest households in the Sourou province.
Development of innovative software for electronic tablets that helps diagnose childhood illnesses.

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