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In Guinea, children are particularly affected by poverty and many needs remain. Terre des hommes (Tdh) works to improve access to health, protection, education and justice. We work systematically with state actors and in close collaboration with the families and communities the projects support. Our aim is to improve the conditions of the most vulnerable children in a sustainable way.

What we do

Mother and child health

Together with our local partners, we improve the access to quality health care for disadvantaged families. Our teams, with the support of the health authorities, take care of malnourished children under the age of five and invest in the prevention of malnutrition. In 2021, we provided support in the fight against the Ebola epidemic. Through the "She decides" project, we contribute to the fight against gender-based violence and to the promotion of sexual and reproductive health.

Children and young people in migration

Tdh contributes to the protection of children and young people in migration, whether voluntary or forced. The economic situation, coupled with the unstable political and social context, pushes many people to migrate. Tdh supports the socio-economic reintegration of young people by offering them training and facilitating their access to employability. We raise awareness among communities and young people of the causes and consequences of migration while presenting existing local opportunities. We provide emergency assistance to migrant children and young people along the migration route by strengthening national and regional protection systems and facilitating access to services.

Access to justice

We ensure that the rights of children in contact with the justice system are respected. Most of the time, they are detained for minor offences, whereas detention should be used as a last resort. Tdh advocates for changes in practice to ensure that children have access to justice that is adapted to their conditions and needs and that respects their rights. In 2019, the Children's Code - revised in collaboration with Tdh - was adopted and will improve the situation of young people in detention. In order to allow these children to benefit from alternative measures to detention, we focus our action on the promotion of penal mediation with penal actors.

"After a three-month-long ordeal seeking an end to the tunnel, we finally arrived there, my daughters and I"

Christine, operated in Guinea


Terre des hommes in Guinea

Beneficiairies in 2021


283'912 people

Expatriate Staff / National Staff


3 / 83

2021 Budget


CHF 5,000,000




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Terre des hommes begins its mission in Guinea.
Launch of the first project to improve the health of children and their mothers.
Start of a water and sanitation project.
Launch of the regional project for the protection of migrant children.
Response to Ebola begins.
Initiation of a project for the reformation of justice.
Project launched to improve the quality of health services for mothers and their children.
Project to support the socio-economic integration of young people in Mamou and Labé.
Stop COVID-19 project launched to prevent the spread of the virus in Guinea in Conakry, Kindia, Mamou, Pita, Labé, Koundara, N'Zérékoré, Beyla and Lola.
PROTEJEM: Project to improve the protection of children and young people on the main migration routes in West Africa.
ENABEL Intégra Tdh: Project to support the training and integration of 5000 young Guineans affected by migration.
Ebola response, particularly in the sensitisation of communities in affected localities.

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