In Guinea, children are especially affected by poverty and their needs continue to be important. Terre des hommes has been working there for 30 years with programmes for mother and child health, specialized care, water, hygiene and sanitation, and for access to justice. We have the advantage of strong partnerships, and our actions place particular emphasis on close links with the families and the beneficiary communities. 

What we do

Mother and child health

Special emphasis was placed on the care of acute malnutrition, notably with support for the Institute for Child Nutrition and Health (INSE) since 2003, averaging 450 children a year. We also ensure the further training of healthcare staff in charge of monitoring children’s nutrition and taking care of cases of malnutrition. The mobilization of actors and advocacy are an integral part of the strategic approach, so as to promote the right to food, just like improved practice of health care and food.

Specialised care

We look after children from disadvantaged backgrounds who suffer from serious pathologies. When an operation is not possible locally, they are transferred and treated in Europe. On their return home, they are monitored and given help with their school reintegration. In parallel, our teams fight against the caustic stenosis of the oesophagus in children caused by the ingestion of caustic soda, by making the community aware of the dangers and by giving training to the nursing staff. We improve the local healthcare system so that children affected by curable diseases can be looked after in their own country.

Child protection

Our team strengthens the skills of actors in child protection and develops the systems of protection in the country. We fight against gender-based violence, mainly affecting the girls. We bring medico-legal assistance, and the child victims of violence are listened to and benefit from psychosocial support. Home visits are undertaken so as to listen to and give advice to the families. We also help the youngsters to get back to school or to start job training.

Access to justice

For nearly 20 years we have been ensuring respect for the rights of minors in conflict or in contact with the law. We organize monthly meetings with the various national and international actors in the field of justice and child protection. We carry out advocacy with government actors for the adoption of the Children’s Code – revised in collaboration with Tdh – that will make it possible to improve the situation of young prisoners.

"After a three-month-long ordeal seeking an end to the tunnel, we finally arrived there, my daughters and I"

Christine, operated in Guinea


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Terre des hommes in Guinea

Beneficiaries in 2017

60,995  people

Expatriate staff / National staff

3 / 36

2018 Budget

CHF  2,634,171



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Terre des hommes starts working in Guinea.
Launch of the first project to improve the health of children and their mothers.
Beginning of a project in water and hygiene.
Establishment of a regional project of the protection of migrant children.
Beginning of the response against Ebola.
Start of the PARJU project.
Start of the ReCCLAS project.

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