The Ebola epidemic, which ended in 2016, has had devastating consequences on the health system and many families have lost their livelihoods. The harsh conditions in Guinea compel many young people to leave their hometowns or turn to crime. Terre des hommes supports young people in conflict with the law by proposing alternatives to prison and by helping them reintegrate into society. We also improve the health of children under five and their mothers.

What we do

Mother and child health

With the help of the local community and health centres, Tdh’s specialists care for children suffering from malnutrition. We train health personnel to treat malnutrition and improve infrastructure in health centres. We teach mothers the importance of breastfeeding and provide them with tips on how to ensure their children have a balanced diet.

Specialised care

We take care of children from vulnerable backgrounds, suffering from complex heart diseases. They are transferred to Europe for an operation that is not possible locally. Back in their country, they are supported to recover and resume their studies. We also raise awareness in the local community and train medical personnel to prevent and treat caustic stenosis of the oesophagus, a condition caused by swallowing caustic soda, which is used to produce soap. We support the local health system to care for children with curable diseases.

Child protection

Our experts provide assistance to girls who have been the victims of violence with psychosocial activities, health care and juridical support. We help them resume their studies or start training for a career of their choice. Our teams build local protection actors’ capacities and develop the child protection systems in the country.

Juvenile Justice

Our teams regularly visit prisons and detention centres to check for minors and Tdh actively promotes alternative methods for the treatment of young delinquents. We try to speed up the legal process which can often stall for years. When the young people leave prison, we help them with their social and professional reintegration. We also seek a dialogue with actors of the civil and state for the adoption of the child code – which was amended in collaboration with Tdh - in order to improve the situation of young people in prison.

Joseph lives in a village around 100 kilometres from the Guinean capital. At two years old, his weight was less than half that of an average child. His mother had tried desperately to treat him with herbs and roots.

Joseph, a young Guinean boy cured of malnutrition


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Terre des hommes in Guinea

Beneficiaries in 2016

107,222 people

Expatriate staff / National staff

1 / 14

2016 Budget

CHF 428,282.-

Programme locations

Conakry, Kindia and Guinea Forest Region

Local partners

Sabou Guinée, Le Monde des Enfants, the Ministries of Health, Social Affairs, Justice, Security and Defence, National Department for childhood


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Terre des hommes starts working in Guinea.
Launch of the first project to improve the health of children and their mothers.
Beginning of a project in water and hygiene.
Establishment of a regional project of the protection of migrant children.
Beginning of the response against Ebola.

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