Many children and young people risk their lives on the migration routes. They are often victims of abuse, exploitation and human trafficking or can find themselves confronted with a judicial system unsuitable for them. We accompany them and improve their access to justice. We support health centres, fight against malnutrition and improve the health of mothers and children.

What we do

Mother and child health

Our teams support 35 health centres in Macina and Markala. Thanks to our SIMESON project, which trains and supervises health personnel, malnutrition can be better prevented and the care of mothers and new-born babies improved. In order to improve access to water and sewage facilities in the health centres our experts construct drinking water networks and latrines. The project leDA provides a tool for the health staff for the diagnosis and treatment of childhood diseases.

Child migrants

Our social workers provide an appropriate accompaniment for child victims and protect the children from the risks of abuse, exploitation and ill-treatment. We collaborate with the authorities and local communities to provide them with a protective environment. They are received in our spaces where they can receive psychosocial support and information.

Access to justice

We accompanied the preparation of the first National Coordination for Juvenile Justice in Mali which provides a framework for discussions and actions on questions related to access to justice for children. We supported the district team helping young girls from the detention centre in Bollé in order to ensure their detention is dignified.

Specialised treatment

This programme allows children affected by certain severe diseases such as cardiopathy to be taken into appropriate care. 53 children have been successfully operated on in Europe. The children, once recovered and back in their country, have been able to return to school or to continue their professional training. They are monitored regularly.

Key projects

Abdoul, 15-year-old boy dissuaded from migrating to Europe through personalised support

Abdoul, successfully reintegrates into Mali


Terre des hommes in Mali

Beneficiaries 2017


243,735 people

Expatriate / local employees


4 / 70

Budget 2018


CHF 3,391,928.-




Where we work

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Tdh opens its Mali delegation with the launch of a project to fight malnutrition.
A project supporting unaccompanied child migrants is launched.
Tdh begins operations in the fields of water and hygiene and newborn health.
Start of our intervention for juvenile justice.
The first Malian child is sent to Switzerland for heart surgery.
Start of a juvenile justice project with the Justice Ministry of Mali.

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