Terre des hommes protects children and youth affected by migration, whether it is voluntary or forced. We raise awareness of the related risks while taking into account the opportunities migration can offer these children. We work to ensure they are treated with equity and dignity and fulfil their right to be protected along all stages of their migration path.

What we do

Actors ensure migrating children’s access to their rights

Children on the move are exposed to several risks on their journeys such as trafficking, exploitation and abuse. No matter why children migrate, Tdh accompanies them, protects them, and makes them less vulnerable. Our teams work with children at their point of departure, during their journeys and when they arrive at their final destinations to ensure they have access to their rights. By building the capacities of institutional and community actors to adequately protect children on the move, the risks they face are reduced and their resilience is increased.

Access to appropriate and quality protection and development services for children on the move

Protecting children on the move can also be achieved by increasing their access to better opportunities and sustainably improving their living conditions, as well as the ones of their community. Tdh makes sure they have access to appropriate and adequate services such as education, protection, psychosocial support, health, water and sanitation, justice and information at all stages of their journey. Once they reach their destination, Tdh encourages children to seize opportunities for development and helps them to integrate. Tdh supports migration stakeholders and their initiatives when they are consistent with children's best interests.

Social, legal and policy frameworks positively address migrating children’s rights and needs

The political context worldwide does not favour the protection of children and youth affected by migration. Additional efforts are required in the areas of advocacy, the existing governance mechanisms and the relevant legal, political and institutional frameworks, at both an international level and in the societies where these children migrate, for the respect of migrant children’s rights. Tdh advocates with public authorities and supports state authorities in the development and implementation of appropriate laws, policies and mechanisms. We also promote positive attitudes and information about children on the move and support initiatives for them to express their voices, connect with key actors and influence decision making processes.

"The question involves discovering how to improve the present and the future of hundreds of thousands of children, for whom mobility has become a necessary step in the absence of a developmental perspective capable of changing their daily lives."

Olivier Feneyrol, Head of Tdh's Migration Programme


Jordan: helping children to be children again

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