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In Senegal, Terre des hommes (Tdh) has a regional hub. In the country, we facilitate children's access to tertiary care in paediatric heart surgery. Thanks to the opening of the Cuomo centre specialising in paediatric heart surgery, and the practical training of the teams, more children can be operated on. More and more complex congenital heart diseases can be treated. Tdh has two main aims: to facilitate access to specialist care locally and to ensure the transfer of the most complex cases of children with heart disease to Europe.

Our projects in Senegal

Specialised care

We transfer seriously ill children to Europe for surgery. Tdh is the European leader in medical evacuations and organises 40% of these transfers. Post-operative medical follow-up is provided and the children are supported in their reintegration into school. We organise surgical missions to Dakar with specialists from the CHUV in Lausanne. Their aim is to examine, treat and operate on the children in their country of origin, while reinforcing the skills of the local staff. La Chaîne de l'Espoir has set up a paediatric heart surgery centre at the Fann University Hospital in Dakar. This increases the number of children operated in their country. Theoretical and practical courses are given in Senegal in the Master's course in paediatric cardiac surgery resuscitation.

Key project

Oumar had a number of heart problems, which made surgery in Senegal risky. Following an operation in Switzerland, he is now in excellent health.

Oumar, was born with several heart defects


Terre des hommes in Senegal

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Start of the specialised care programme in Senegal.
The COVID-19 pandemic severely curtailed medical services and transfers to Europe.

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