Since March 2014, the conflict in Eastern Ukraine has claimed more than 10,000 lives and has led to more than 1.6 million people being displaced. Currently, tens of thousands of children live in areas where the sound of shootings and bombs is a part of their reality. Many children find it difficult to cope with this situation and suffer from stress and anxiety. We provide psychosocial support and create child-friendly spaces for them, as well as train local professionals.

What we do

Child Protection : Psychosocial support

One of the main needs of conflict-affected and displaced children and their families is psychosocial support. We set up child-friendly spaces in schools and creative centres, and fully equip them with resources such as sport material, board games, books, stationery, furniture and multimedia. Education specialists are trained to better protect children and they carry out psychosocial activities that help children reduce feelings of fear, isolation and depression, and to build confidence and a positive outlook on life. These spaces also provide local populations and displaced families with a place to meet and discuss, which improves their relationship.

Child Protection: Youth livelihood

To help young people overcome difficulties and improve their livelihood, we promote the development of life skills. We collaborate with vocational schools which receive supplies, also for extracurricular activities. Local specialists trained by Tdh organise activities that focus on teamwork, efficient communication, critical thinking and other life skills, which give the young people employment prospects. This lays the ground for setting a new FabLab in East Ukraine, where children and youth will be able to come into contact with modern technologies that help them explore their creativity and develop interest and skills for new professions.

Before the conflict, Pavlo was good in school and loved athletics. But during the first months with his new classmates, he felt lonely and aggressive and could not play sports. Until the day his teacher invited him to the “ludoteka”.

Pavlo, child refugee in Ukraine


Terre des hommes in Ukraine

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Terre des hommes starts its humanitarian aid mission in Ukraine, which included direct material (such as food parcels or direct cash support) and psychosocial support to families.
The work in Ukraine transfers from humanitarian aid intervention to development.

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