The Field

Have you always dreamt of doing humanitarian work but never dared to take the plunge? The Field takes you on a journey to explore the realities of humanitarian and development aid. You will meet some of the exceptional people who are committed to protecting children around the world. Open your ears wide and immerse yourself in the heart of our field programmes, along with journalist Xavier Colin.

Season 3: Let's listen to children and young people!
We often talk about them, but without them. Yet children and young people are in the best position to express themselves on the issues that concern them. What is their reality? What do they need? What are the issues that matter to them? This season will be created entirely with children and young people, from the choice of topics to the editing of the episode.





Season 2 - "Who are these humanitarians? "
Terre des hommes employs nearly 2,500 people worldwide. Whether they work from our headquarters in Switzerland or directly in the field in one of our 35 countries of intervention, our colleagues are numerous and yet each of them has their own story, a unique background and varied motivations. In Season 2 of The Field, discover some of these incredible profiles, all of whom have one thing in common: a commitment to improving the well-being of children. Let Ivana Goretta - spokesperson for the organisation and Isabel Zbinden - communications officer at Tdh - take you on a journey in this bilingual season. Episodes in French or English as you wish!





Season 1 – “The Covid-19 headlines have left many children forgotten”
Season one goes behind the Covid-19 headlines to explore how the pandemic is being felt on the field – from reports of overcrowded refugee camps and detention centres to inspiring stories and great innovations. Journalist Xavier Colin meets with our frontline workers and investigates the challenges currently faced by many disadvantaged children around the world.
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