The pandemic threatens vulnerable families.
18.06.2020 - Press releases

For its 60th anniversary, Terre des hommes offers itself new perspectives

With a new corporate governance, the child relief organisation Terre des hommes closes 2019 with a positive financial balance sheet. The Swiss NGO, which is celebrating its 60th anniversary this year, helped over 4 million children and members of their communities in 2019. The measures taken in June 2019 at the Lausanne headquarters have made it possible to preserve field activities. Driven by innovation, the organisation is giving itself the means to pursue its mission and meet the growing needs of the most vulnerable children. An overhaul of the 2021-2024 strategy is planned for the end of the year.

Terre des hommes (Tdh) is renewing its Council of the Foundation, a decision that is in line with the budgetary difficulties of 2019. The new president, Jürg Schäffler – former Head of Finance at SRG SSR – is now surrounded by eight members who bring the required skills to support the organisation’s vision for 2030 and strategy plan. Gender parity was achieved in January in the Executive Board when Barbara Hintermann, General Director, took office. The new governance will be particularly attentive to diversity and inclusion within the organisation.

Tdh is celebrating its 60th anniversary this year. The organisation improved the lives of 4.2 million children and members of their communities. in 2019. Field activities have been preserved thanks to a significant reduction of headquarters’ costs, exceptional donor support and the loyalty of the population in Switzerland. Expenditure is now under control. Vigilance remains essential in the current context of uncertainty regarding donor commitment, particularly amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

The threat of coronavirus increases the needs of already vulnerable children and strengthens the relevance of the organisation. “We're not all equal when it comes to Covid-19. In already fragile contexts, access to care is compromised. School closures risk leading to long-term school dropout, malnutrition, exploitation and violence. The psychological impact on children is dramatic," highlights Barbara Hintermann. To make a difference, Tdh relies on an innovative and inclusive approach that involves children in decisions that affect them. The organisation plans to refocus its activities around a new 2021-2024 strategy in consultation with the teams.

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