Rehabilitation of minors in detention

Tdh accompanies young people who are in detention and children under the age of 3 who live with their mothers in prison and ensures their reinsertion into society when they leave prison.

Terre des hommes (Tdh) provides support for minors and young people in rehabilitation centres in Ruyigi and Rumonge, as well as the section for young women in the Ngozi prison, with the aim of reducing re-offending and improving reintegration into society. In addition, we have adapted a creche for mothers in prison with their children.


Our work involves support from the Ministries of Justice, Human Rights, Social Affairs and Gender in order to give young people a sense of belonging to a community via the following activities:


Recreational, cultural and educational activities 

Tdh social workers organise activities such as cultural dance, drumming sessions and football matches, whilst also showing films and setting up digital libraries (koombook) and meditation sessions. These activities provide young people with a moment of relaxation which is good for their emotional balance. With the help of staff onsite, we also offer literacy classes and health and hygiene information sessions several times a week.


Psychosocial activities 

Discussion groups provide a platform for around ten young people per group to exchange views on a subject relating to their daily lives that they have chosen with the help of an animator. Our teams have also set up a ‘theatre forum’ which enables young people to create and perform their own plays on an everyday subject of their choice. They then can discuss the chosen topic together.  


Family visits and telephone calls 

We facilitate family visits to the detention centres so that each young person can see two members of their family and a representative of their community once a term. Under the supervision of a Tdh social worker, young people can also make calls to people who are important to them. This creates and reinforces links between young people, their families and their entourage and thus helps them reintegrate when they leave the centre.


Family and community reintegration

Our social workers help the young detainees to draw up a life project and provide them with legal assistance.

We organise vocational training workshops for young people in sewing, basketry, carpentry, welding and cookery which the participation of young people from nearby communities. After their prison training they receive a starter kit containing the basic tools required to start working professionally. If they wish to continue going to school, we help them by providing school equipment.


The fight against Covid-19

In order to reduce the risk of infection with Covid-19, Tdh educates young people in rehabilitation centres by outlining the protective measures to adopt. The centres have also been equipped with handwashing facilities.  


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